FEC Apartment

This apartment located in the Chamberi neighborhood of Madrid was completely demolished, maintai- ning only the original structure of concrete pillars. To bring order to the area where the structure was more misaligned, we resorted to a central module that contained all the air conditioning and heating ins- tallations as well as the vertical elements of the structure. This wooden module, understood as a piece of furniture, would in turn serve to expand the living area by housing the sofa, to contain and hide the access doors to other spaces, mark a separation between the kitchen and the livingroom and shape the master bathroom ́s sink. As for the materials we have resorted to wood mainly in this module to enhance its volume, also marking its shape in the pavement. Throughout the house it was decided to keep the hydrau- lic tile floor because, although it had to be changed due to its poor condition, due to the type and time of construction it made sense to keep the same type of pavement.




Madrid, Spain