We are a studio founded by architects Mercedes González Ballesteros and Jesús Díaz Osuna in 2016 based in Madrid and Marbella, whose main activity is architecture, interior design and branded environments.

Our efforts are focused on creating warm and personal yet functional spaces to help companies and individuals reinvent themselves through Architecture and Design. We are mainly focused on the development of homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and private clinics.


Cristina Fernández Morales - Architect
Rocío Sánchez S. - Architect
Andréia Lee - Architect
Carlos Moles Romero -Architect
Elena de la Torre Macho - Architect
Myriam Dominguez Mateo  - Architect




Conde de Xiquena, 5 – 4ºA
28004 Madrid

Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, S/N-CC El Capricho, 4
29602 Marbella

+34 912 591 463